Friday, July 29, 2011

UCC and our Soul

Hey Indigo's,
                    I've been studying the UCC and how it impacts our lives for years. I haven't really gone into it to much because I feel that there is so much a person should learn about themselves before they delve into something like the UCC.  I say this because it can become what seems to be very abstract, when in reality, it is the truth that we haven't been taught.  The reason I wanted to bring this up today is because it's funny to me what other people and entities will validate a "Theory" without even realizing it.  The UCC states that we as living and breathing "Souls", actually have the choice as to whether we want to deal with government organizations or not.  In other words a fictitious entity like the IRS really can't interact with us as living and breathing "Souls" because we are by nature sovereign. That's right we are actually free spirits as they say.  That's why this "Straw man"(Your name in All Caps) was invented.  So they deal with this fictitious entity and trick us into acting as if we were responsible for this "Straw man" Now I won't go too far into this because I can go on for days on this one topic alone, but I just wanted to get some people thinking about this to open you up to the severity of our actual situation as it is now.  If we were only the flesh and blood beings some believe us to be, then they would have no need for the Straw Man.
Stay Indigo!!!!


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