Friday, July 8, 2011

To Fear God or Not to Fear God. That's the question.

Hey Indigo's,
                   Fear God? That is something that has always confused me. I have heard it all my life and until I reached adulthood, I never questioned it. I understand that everyone has the right to believe what they want and I respect that. But my question is "If there are only 2 emotions in the Universe LOVE and HATE why am I being  pushed to fear God?"  I love God and there is no fear involved with that.  This PSA that I posted is not something that I would want to show someone who I'm trying to bring closer to God. I enjoy fear in a good horror flick or a scary roller coaster. But other than that I try to stay away from things that will scare me. LOL I do understand the explanation behind the phrase Fear God, but I can't absorb it for some reason. Fear is a tool of man The Creator/God/Universe is all love to me and that is all that is needed to spread more love to me. I'm not writing this to argue who is right or wrong, because if you are familiar with this Blog you know that Indigo's come in all faiths but I am against trying to push fear on anyone for any reason. If someones love for God some how leads them to fear then so be it. But I just want those out there who have questions about that to know they aren't the only ones. Don't let anyone make you question you beliefs because you don't fear something.
Stay Indigo!!!!


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