Monday, July 25, 2011

Diary Of An Indigo

Hey Indigo's,
                  Just the other day my 9 year old daughter taught me something that I knew already but for some reason she was able to make it resonate with me in a way it never did before.  She was talking to my 5 year old son and explaining to him where apples come from.(Because they were eating apples)  I like to let the kids teach each other when I can because they have such open minds that they explain things to each other in a special way that is not only interesting to me, but is very effective for them.  She was explaining to him that when the seed is planted a tree grows, that sprouts buds, and after these buds sprout the apple starts to grow.  And I was thinking "Ok, that was good enough." But my 5 year old had another question, he asked"Why does the flower/Bud have to die" now when I first heard this I thought "well he obviously didn't get it." but my daughter quickly had an answer for him because she knew what he was really asking. She explained to him that the flower had to die because the apple had to grow.  At that moment their whole conversation hit me like a ton of bricks. We are the flowers, and the apples. We have to die as flowers so we can become apples.  Or in less abstract terms, we have to allow part of ourselves die, so we can live to be what we are destined to be, or so our true essence can thrive.  I guess I should listen to my kids more often, and instead of trying to get them to learn how I want to teach I should understand how they learn. Both of them taught me something that day.

Stay Indigo!!!!

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