Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hey Indigos,
I have always loves this song, and never really thought too much further into it. But since I've started to awaken I have listened to the words closer and felt them and this is such an Indigo song.  As you enjoy the song just read  the lyrics and really feel  what is being said.  Enjoy.

Stay Indigo!!!!!

JUDAH   "We are who we've been waiting for"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mar 28 Diary

Diary of an Indigo
Hey Family,
I can remember a time in my life that I called a lowest point. It was when I was just diagnosed with a cancer that I was told would terminal, my job was forcing me out, my marriage was falling apart, and I had all but lost the urge to live.  I was successfully pushing everyone in my life away and at that time it felt like that was the only success I was having.  It’s not that I was angry at the people in my life because I wasn’t but I didn’t want to hear a bunch of people tell me that it was going to be ok and they had no idea what I was going through. I  Guess I let the frustration of my situation get the best of me.  What I didn’t realize was, yes I was going through a lot, but I was in fact going through it, not staying it.  See, we get frustrated during trying times not necessarily because we are in a tough spot but because sometimes we get to the point where we can’t see ourselves getting out of it. And that is where the frustration comes in. Well as I was going through my “learning experience”, pushing people away, I was blessed enough to have someone come into my life who cared enough not to let me push her away.  I actually fought it, and tried to push her away, but lucky for me, as hard as I pushed, she pushed back.  Until one day I looked up and she was really the only one left. And before I knew it, I wanted to live again there is a difference between being alive and living life.  Before this I wasn’t at the point where I wanted to die, but I certainly didn’t want to live anymore. But now, I was happy the universe  had blessed me with not only what I needed, but what I wanted and it was the biggest blessing I had received my life until that point. I mean, before the troubled times I had a great life, don’t get me wrong, but it seemed I was being given a new lease on life.  The very person I was trying to push out of my life was sent to me to improve it.  It was then, that I realized that no matter how difficult things get, always keep your eyes open for the blessing being sent to you.  Because it’s when we’re down that our vision can get cloudiest, but that is when we need to see the most. So it’s sometimes the blessing that we overlook that can become our greatest nightmares. Keep your eyes open.
Thanks to "GlobalLightWorks's Channel" for the great post on youtube.
Stay Indigo!!!!!!      


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday is now our "Health Review" Day

Hey Indigo Family,
           We have been so blessed to have a great person and spiritual advisor/Natural Health care professional join our team here at Indigo Nation. He is someone who has dedicated himself to mental/spiritual/ and physical well being.  His name is Alim Hagan.  And he has personally been a blessing in my life with his firm spiritual grounding and vast knowledge in the areas I previously mentioned. Now, I am excited to announce that he has decided to share his knowledge with the rest of the Indigo Nation as we all grow and better ourselves day after day.  There is a quote he I here Alim say daily and it goes "Everyday in every way I get better and better."  Thats what life is all about, and we all have made the commitment to do just that.  Just by you stopping by to check out this blog you have done that. You have done two things, 1. Decided to take in new information to broaden your experiences in life, and 2. you have decided to surround yourself with people on a certain frequency to stay tuned into a positive lifestyle. So please enjoy the post of Mr. Alim Hagan hosting a free weekly conference call on different health topics.  For now the conference calls are on Wednesdays at 6pm (PST) I will post the call in number on Monday, and There will also be an Indigo Nation Youtube channel that will have the weekly posts for those of you outside the US who could not get on the call. Remember, Indigo Nation is not a physical nation it's one without boarders, or anything else that would separate us in any way, we are a light being nation.  It's all love. So please enjoy this conference call and spread the word to others who could use the information.

                                     "We are, who we've been waiting for."


Friday, March 25, 2011

Raise your Vibration

Raise Your Frequency
Hello Everyone,
My life coach told me this week that we cannot overcome or elevate from a mind set or situation that is not healthy for us, if we stay on the same vibration day after day. Meaning, if you want to get to a different location get on a different bus.  Just like all other things that are comprised of energy, we carry a certain frequency with us all the time.  This frequency is what draws certain things into our lives.  That’s right, so for all those people you think have “Bad Luck”, and it’s really their subconscious that is creating that frequency of so called “Bad Luck”.  The same goes for “Good Luck” or “:Lucky” people, I would say throw away the rabbits foot but if that is what it takes for a person to change their subconscious thinking then live it up.  I just hate the thought of a rabbit on crutches, just to get a person to start thinking on a more positive level.  LOL.  Just kidding about the crutches, we all know rabbits prefer wheel chairs. LOL.  But seriously, we all have the ability to change our universe if we just put the effort into it.  And it’s not really a lot to do, all you are doing ultimately, is calming your mind and body, and improving your quality of life on a daily basis and it feels great, it’s a win/win. Keep this in mind your mind set is what determines your reality, I mean health, finances, spirituality every aspect.  And over 90% of what carries you throughout the day is your subconscious, not your conscious thinking.  So we know what we have to work on to make the change and the cool part is when it’s done, it’s all automatic, you’re now on auto pilot, and become one of those people who everyone says is “Lucky”.  I’ll take it, how about you.
Stay Indigo Everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey Indigo family,

The name of this song is "Magic" by Olivia Newton John.  Perfect for us because we know that we are magic.  We create our own reality and only we can stop us.  This could be one of Indigo Nations anthems. Enjoy!

Stay Indigo!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Diary of an Indigo 3/21/11

Diary of an Indogo
(Indigo Energy)
In last week’s diary entry I spoke about my parents death and how it affected me in different ways.  So I think it’s only right to close out that thought with one of the concepts that helped me understand my feelings and how I could process what was happening to me. It’s funny, when you start to awaken as an Indigo and information starts to come your way, to help you learn the flow of the universe, you never know what lesson you’re going to learn any given day.  Some of the things you learn might be something that you learned years earlier.  For example, I learned in science in grade school that energy can’t be created or destroyed.  And on my journey as an Indigo, I learned early that we are light energy.  Our soul (which is the real us) is energy, so it can’t be created or destroyed, just transferred.  So, when I think of the loved ones I have lost I feel better in a way, knowing that I never lost them at all, because they too were energy.  A couple of months ago my 4 year old son said something that will always stick with me.  He saw a picture of my dad and asked who he was,(My father passed away before he was born) when I told him he was my Dad and that he was not with us anymore I was kind of worried about him getting upset.  Maybe he was too young for that truth, but I was wrong, he immediately said “He’s a little boy like me now.”  I wanted to cry (In a good way) because I didn’t know if he was reassuring me or what, because it didn’t sound like a question.  But like I said, you never know where the days lesson will come from, just be open to learn at all times.  It might come from a 4 year old. LOL
Stay Indigo!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect Indigo

Indigos Are/Aren’t perfect
One thing I wanted to make clear was that people understood that Indigos aren’t perfect. Most of us know that no one is, but people have a tendency to make you feel like you are falling short when they see you doing something that they don’t agree with.  Who is to really say what is “normal”.  Is attempting to fade into the background normal, or is normal a term that morphs every time it is used.  For example, it’s normal to fit into the ideas of the people you are around.  You know “When in Rome”.  One of the things I love about being an Indigo is that I now know that I am normal all day every day.  Whatever is on our hearts is normal, now how you react to these feelings would be another blog.  I do believe we should always be aware of others and their feelings while at the same time, not letting them control our lives.  Remember, we dream for those who refuse to do it for themselves.  So it’s our duty to remain loyal to our own paths above all else.  It is our true path that makes the positive impact on the universe.  And sometimes that path does not feel the best at the moment but keep in mind that your pain is sometimes necessary for someone else’s survival.  Being an Indigo simply means walking a deeper spiritual path, and sometimes people get scared of that word spiritual.  People tend to think spiritual means living a boring life, avoiding all pleasure and true fun.  That is actually far from the truth.  We walk a path much like everyone else, the difference with us is that we live life harder and feel it deeper.  It is because of this that we tend to get more out of life and subsequently lead a happier life.  When you know that every experience you have is for a reason and you acknowledge this, you learn the flow of the universe and become one of those people that makes it seem like everything comes easy. So actually in a strange abstract way, maybe we are perfect, through our imperfections.  The main way to learn is through mistakes whether it be yours, or someone else’s.  So tell all those smart A**es you know who “never make a mistake”, that maybe they should consider it.  LOL
Stay Indigo!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Diary of an Indigo

                                                              Diary of an INDIGO

I had a great childhood, and was close to both of my parents.  I loved them both and they were my inspirations as well as my foundation. So naturally when I lost both of them I was lost beyond what I could explain.  My life, up to that point was about making them proud.  I was hell bent on being the best son I could be, and in my mind that meant doing the things I believed they wanted me to do.  Things I heard them talk about and things I knew would make them happy.  Well I lost my mother when I was in college and my father when I first started my first career in the real world. So I was still relatively young, when I lost them, considering I was just entering manhood.  I know I’m not the first person to go through that and won’t be the last, but at the time I could only think of the loss and not the journey.  Remember, we are born with the spirit of an indigo but the brain of a human. Well back to the diary, I don’t regret for a second my feelings for my parents because that wasn’t the issue.  The issue became that when they both died I realized that I went to college with the intention of making my mom happy so when she passed away I realized that I didn’t really think about what I wanted to get out of it I just wanted to go and finish.  Not only that but when I finished I went into a career only because my dad was in it.  He never pressured me to do it but I thought it would be the right thing to do to continue the legacy.  Only to realize eventually that every person on this planet is like a snow flake. (Different)  We all have something different to offer the universe, and it’s almost irresponsible to withhold it from the world.  No matter what it is that you want to do, that is what is what is expected of you.  Earlier I referred to this as a mistake but that was the wrong way to express it.  It was that series of decision making that put me on a path that would ultimately be one of the inspirations for a major turning point in my life. So, a path that I at one point considered to be a mistake, turned out to be an event that would eventually be used as a tool to help countless others in their journey in life.  We take lemons and make lemonade and if we don’t like lemonade we give it to someone who is thirsty. Pain is not a torture; it’s a tool of education. 
“Learn from the past, Peek into the future, and Appreciate the now. “ -Judah-


Friday, March 11, 2011

The science they don't want us to know

Hey Family,

              We have a job to do Indigos.  As the video stated 7,000 people together can change the world,  and we don't even have to know each other. Together we can raise the consciousness of the planet.  Since we are the ones who live outside the box then we are the ones who have to do this.  Remember, what is just a pipe dream to others, is a plan of action to us. If you would please follow Indigo Swagg as we are on our 1000 member push to to get our radio show going this summer.
               Our hearts go out to the people effected by the Earth Quakes in Japan.  We love you all and pool our positive energy for you to have the strength to get through these tough times.



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

They will not Control Us

This is an Indigo Anthem for sure. They does not necessarily mean the government or the "Man". "They" represents every negative energy that attempts to hold you back or slow you down. That could be anything from fear/hate to an enemy you didn't even know you had.  Enjoy!!!

Stay Indigo!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Diary of an Indigo
Hey Indigo Family,
For some reason there is a part of us that wants to suppress the things that happen in our lives and not tell anyone or even think about it in the privacy of our own minds.  I’ve realized now that, that is a very selfish way to live. Not that we mean to be selfish but it is a natural defense mechanism we use to protect our feelings.  I’m not sure if you all had the opportunity to read Fridays posting, but it was about there being no mistakes.  Everything happens for a reason.
            Well since I have come to terms with this I feel it is only fair that I share some of the things I have experienced in life that I once buried deep down inside of me, because I was either ashamed or didn’t want to relive those emotions again. But nothing any of us go through is in vain.  It’s for us to grow and if we can help others by going through something and sharing it with them to help or comfort them in any way why not do it.  We can’t allow unenlightened peoples ignorance to convince us to hide our light. So yes, even when you go through hell, that’s your light shining because you are going through it and not getting stuck in it, or dying in it.  I started a diary some time ago because I needed some way of getting my feelings out and I was too embarrassed to share it with others.  But when I ascended and saw that my story was actually the universes story to learn from I decided to combine the diary with my ascension process.  Because a lot of the time we have trouble associating troubled times with spiritual growth, and I named it Diary of an Indigo.  On Mondays I will share some of these stories with you and hopefully you can get something from it.  Whether it’s an Indigo lesson or a good laugh; that’s right a good laugh, not everything is so serious that it must be picked apart and analyzed. Some things are just funny, so if it makes one person laugh and another realize how fortunate they really are then I’m happy.  So remember Monday- Diary of an Indigo, Wednesday- Mid- Week Mix Usually an Indigo Song, and Friday- usually an aspect of being an Indigo that is little known or just plain entertaining.  We live in an exciting world and once you choose the Indigo path which is really just experiencing life to the fullest everyday becomes an adventure, a life with people of like mind who have stepped outside the box and won’t go back in.  Remember, if you haven’t began following the blog yet please do so, we are pushing to reach 500 members by the middle of the summer.
Stay Indigo!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

No Mistakes

 “Everything happens for a reason.”  We have all heard that 100’s of times. But what does that really mean. I know I never really put too much thought into it and simply took it at face value.  But since I have started going through my awakening process or ascension (which is the spiritual growth of an Indigo) I have learned to process life’s input using more than the 5 senses that most people do.  This is one of the things that Indigos do that separate our actions from others.  I am not saying in any way that we are better, but our higher selves are guiding us in a direction that is off the beaten path.  After all we all know by now that if there is a direction that the majority is taking, most of the time there is a better way. No one ever accomplished extraordinary things by walking the ordinary path, that’s why taking that journey carries such a great reward.  Listening to your higher self is one of those actions that carry a great reward but, most people are afraid to do it.  It may not be a fear that sends them running out the room but may keep them from looking into certain information that they need but for some reason will not take the time to read or explore.  Just like this information here, you didn’t have to take the time to read it, but for some reason you did, and it’s no mistake.  Our higher selves lead us to places and people to receive something that we need or even want that is for the greater good. All it can do is lead us there, once we are there it’s our job to process our environment in a way needed to get from it what we are supposed to.  And getting that information is not always done using sight, sound, touch, smell, or taste.  There are other senses that we have that we can use but we have to learn to use them again. I say again because we did it when we were babies, like when a baby cries when they meet someone seemingly for no reason. Sometimes they sense something we don’t.  Some people call it learning the flow of the universe, but whatever it is called when it is learned it empowers you like you would not believe, and things you used to label coincidence simply become   you learning to communicate with your higher self.  And it’s your higher self that knows what you really want and need and is always working to guide you toward it.  I have discovered this, and it has made life so much more exciting because I see that the sky really is the limit and so far my higher self has not done me wrong. I personally don’t think our higher selves can lead us astray because it is the part of us that is closest to God or the Universe.  So remember, the next time something happens that upsets you, calm down and ask your higher self what it is that you are not seeing that makes you interpret that situation as something bad.  Better yet, just ask what it is that you are supposed to see or learn or experience in every situation and appreciate it, no matter how difficult it is to do.  It will eventually get easier to do, and since we are beings of energy, once we build up enough positive energy it will be much more difficult for something or someone to throw us off center.  I have to thank you all for stopping by to support the Indigo movement.  I can feel the love growing every day.  Maybe one day on an application they won’t ask a person’s race but simply to check Indigo or Non-Indigo, after all that’s all that really matters.  Remember if you haven’t signed up to follow Indigo Swagg Blog please do so, we are on our 500 member push, because when we reach that we can have our own Radio show.  It’s already in the works, we just have to show that we have the numbers and are growing.  I can’t wait to have our own platform to support each other and continue to learn from one another.
Stay Indigo!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mid-Week Mix

 Hello Indigo Family,

       I figured I would make Wednesday the day for an "Indigo" song. So sit back listen to the words and let it take you for a ride.  Indigo artist have a special way of expressing themselves, as they see the world.  But who better to understand an Indigo but another Indigo