Friday, March 18, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect Indigo

Indigos Are/Aren’t perfect
One thing I wanted to make clear was that people understood that Indigos aren’t perfect. Most of us know that no one is, but people have a tendency to make you feel like you are falling short when they see you doing something that they don’t agree with.  Who is to really say what is “normal”.  Is attempting to fade into the background normal, or is normal a term that morphs every time it is used.  For example, it’s normal to fit into the ideas of the people you are around.  You know “When in Rome”.  One of the things I love about being an Indigo is that I now know that I am normal all day every day.  Whatever is on our hearts is normal, now how you react to these feelings would be another blog.  I do believe we should always be aware of others and their feelings while at the same time, not letting them control our lives.  Remember, we dream for those who refuse to do it for themselves.  So it’s our duty to remain loyal to our own paths above all else.  It is our true path that makes the positive impact on the universe.  And sometimes that path does not feel the best at the moment but keep in mind that your pain is sometimes necessary for someone else’s survival.  Being an Indigo simply means walking a deeper spiritual path, and sometimes people get scared of that word spiritual.  People tend to think spiritual means living a boring life, avoiding all pleasure and true fun.  That is actually far from the truth.  We walk a path much like everyone else, the difference with us is that we live life harder and feel it deeper.  It is because of this that we tend to get more out of life and subsequently lead a happier life.  When you know that every experience you have is for a reason and you acknowledge this, you learn the flow of the universe and become one of those people that makes it seem like everything comes easy. So actually in a strange abstract way, maybe we are perfect, through our imperfections.  The main way to learn is through mistakes whether it be yours, or someone else’s.  So tell all those smart A**es you know who “never make a mistake”, that maybe they should consider it.  LOL
Stay Indigo!!!!

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