Monday, January 31, 2011

Indigo Swagg *VS* Crazy


Indigo swagg can be interpreted in many different ways, and crazy, unfortunately can be one of them.  I still ask, what is crazy really?  Is it simply someone who doesn’t share the views that the masses have ruled are acceptable? Because if that’s the case, then every successful person in the world is crazy.  I say this because if you listen to people talk, some things are just impossible.  That is until a successful person does it.  The odds of winning the lottery are supposed to be so high that it is a “waste of money to play it” but it seems that every month some crazy person wins it. In fact the 2% of the population that holds 98% of the wealth are all crazy. Oh yeah, all those people that hold any type of faith are all crazy too.  Pro ball players……crazy, anyone who ever accomplished any dream of theirs ………crazy.  I’m sure you get the point by now that I’m being sarcastic, in a truthful way. You see, I say that because the essence of indigo swagg is, to move to a higher plane of perception that goes beyond the physical.  And then allow that, to guide you. Most people won’t do that though, out of fear of being an outcast or called crazy. This is why I think Cee lo is such an incredible artist and some of his songs hit it dead on target. Try really listening to his song “crazy”.  He understands that a person can’t fully absorb the spiritual, without losing their mind in some way.  Not in a bad way, but just enough to lose the physical limitations that people have put on themselves and others.  Not only does he understand that, but he teaches others through his art and makes millions of dollars while doing it. Now that’s indigo swag for ya.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What is Indigo Swagg?

What is Indigo Swagg?
Simply put, “Indigo Swagg” means to “Do You”. Yup, just like the great Russell Simmons said.  But there is more to it.  All of the people you heard in the Indigo Swagg Blog intro have a few things in common. Not only were they all great in their own rite, but they all have gone against the grain in some way. They didn’t do it to simply to rub people the wrong way ( even though that could be a side effect of Indigo Swagg).  They do it because they are doing what their higher selves or soul wants them to do.  They are led by something that is more powerful than anything the outside world can offer.  After all, the definition of Indigo Swagg is to be part of a culture that is built around ascension. That is physical ascension, mental ascension, as well as spiritual ascension. People call this the zone, an anointing, the “It factor” and many other things but what they are talking about is Indigo Swagg.  When you align with your higher self the universe becomes your playground. The things you want to do come natural to you and the things you desire are Drawn to you.  It’s not all about getting “stuff” but when you are being led by your spirit you naturally keep the greater good in mind. Everything you do and all of your talents are just a part of a whole that you know is much bigger than you, and you acknowledge this at all times. After all that is what we are all supposed to be doing.   

No matter what religion you are you are we can all agree that God is a spiritual being.  So in order to relate to God or the universe it has to be with your spiritual self.  The Physical cannot interact with the spiritual world. So what it comes down to is, no matter what religion or culture you are, or what your belief system is, there is really one goal in life and that is to achieve Indigo Swagg or to walk in the spirit as some will say.  This is one of the most natural parts of us but remains something that is not at all easy to achieve.  But when you do it there is an awesome peace that overcomes you that not only can be felt but others will see and not know exactly what it is.
Indigo Swagg is a wonderful state to be in, but does come with its challenges and responsibilities.  First being, when you are led by something as awesome as your spirit you tend to notice things that others don’t. This alone can become a challenge because most people’s thoughts and feelings are determined by society and they don’t even know it. So those people who are led by “self” will be cast out, considered “weird” and labeled as crazy. Sound familiar? I can go on forever about this, but I think I’ll let you guys absorb this for a minute. The responsibility comes in because when you posses a power that is so great and you know others have the same potential it's not only your responsibility to tell them about it no matter what the repercussions are but to show them how it is to be used. You’re to be a beacon of light of sorts. There are many people in the eye of the public but one that I will start of with is Oprah Winfrey, yup the big “O”.  She is not only a great creative mind and business person but can you think of anyone who has given back more than her? There is plenty more to talk about, and if it takes 5 life times to learn all of this we will get it done. If you really desire to achieve your “IS” (Indigo Swagg) then we will find each other, but for now I will be right here at