Monday, January 31, 2011

Indigo Swagg *VS* Crazy


Indigo swagg can be interpreted in many different ways, and crazy, unfortunately can be one of them.  I still ask, what is crazy really?  Is it simply someone who doesn’t share the views that the masses have ruled are acceptable? Because if that’s the case, then every successful person in the world is crazy.  I say this because if you listen to people talk, some things are just impossible.  That is until a successful person does it.  The odds of winning the lottery are supposed to be so high that it is a “waste of money to play it” but it seems that every month some crazy person wins it. In fact the 2% of the population that holds 98% of the wealth are all crazy. Oh yeah, all those people that hold any type of faith are all crazy too.  Pro ball players……crazy, anyone who ever accomplished any dream of theirs ………crazy.  I’m sure you get the point by now that I’m being sarcastic, in a truthful way. You see, I say that because the essence of indigo swagg is, to move to a higher plane of perception that goes beyond the physical.  And then allow that, to guide you. Most people won’t do that though, out of fear of being an outcast or called crazy. This is why I think Cee lo is such an incredible artist and some of his songs hit it dead on target. Try really listening to his song “crazy”.  He understands that a person can’t fully absorb the spiritual, without losing their mind in some way.  Not in a bad way, but just enough to lose the physical limitations that people have put on themselves and others.  Not only does he understand that, but he teaches others through his art and makes millions of dollars while doing it. Now that’s indigo swag for ya.
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