Friday, February 11, 2011

Science supports Indigo Swagg

Science supports Indigo Swagg
For so many years there has been this back and forth about the existence of an internal energy we posses that can be tied into the universe.  In the past decade however, things have changed greatly.  Not only has the acknowledgment of this power come about but there is an incredible amount of money been put behind the study of it.  So as you can see, the idea of Indigo Swagg is not new, but it is time for all of us who have decided to cultivate our IS (Indigo Swagg) to share it with the world in whatever way we have been called to do so.  After all, everyone has it, but for some reason we as Indigo’s are the ones to take it to the next level and step out.  That is not an easy thing to do either as most of you already know.  Just like it is said “The best place to hide knowledge is in a book, that same principle goes for our inner power.  The best place to hide that is in us, because for some reason most people won’t look there. People like to look outward for that.  But these days with science exploring it and finding out more and more each day you have to be willing to turn a deaf ear to the truth about what we are really capable of.  Unfortunately many people have become very good at doing that.  Accepting this new information means having to learn how to process life all over again.  Some people look at that as a type of punishment or admittance of failure, when it is far from that.  In my experience it has been very exciting, everything I thought I knew, I realize that there is so much more to it, and life has become an adventure that I have much more control over than I thought. Now personally I believe that God has the final say, but Indigo Swagg is not about religion.  It is about the power we posses that God has given us.  Because remember Indigo Swagg is the ability to tap into our abilities that that exceeded our physical experiences.  A person cannot achieve what they cannot imagine.  In other words if a persons physical experiences are limited to a particular city in a particular state, with no outside input at all,  then that’s pretty much what they are limited to in life.  But our physical limitations don’t have to be what make us.  There is a whole spiritual realm that we are a part of and have access to if we just commit ourselves to not being trapped in the box that we are placed in.  This is why like minded people have to stick together and build with one another. “What understands light better that light.”  In my next blog I will go into why I said that.

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