Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Story of Indigos

The concept of Indigos is by no stretch of the imagination new, it’s only the term Indigo Swagg that we coined. The reason for doing this was not to come up with a cool word that the world would embrace, and we would hear in songs,  movies and daily conversation throughout the world………OK wait a minute that would be really cool, but that’s not the only reason.  I grew up in a town that I feel was perfect for me because I saw every type of person you could imagine. Of course, when I was younger I kind of took it for granted because I felt that was what the world was like.  Well I was wrong.  Much to my surprise there were many people who never had the opportunity to be around people of a different race, religion, or culture.  And I say opportunity because growing up that way was just that.  It was an incredible experience to be around people who all had different ideas.  Well, I look back now and say that, but back then I just knew I loved being around the people who were in my life.  It never mattered to me, what color a person was because color to me was always just that …..Color.  Grass would be no less grass, if it were Red or purple.  In fact, I think Red grass would be pretty cool. So what it comes down to is this, I felt then as I do now; that a person has nothing to do with their flesh. Our bodies are the clothes (for lack of a better word) for who we really are.  To prove this point I could mention plenty of people who might be pleasing to the eyes, but you would not be able to spend an hour in a room with them.  That’s because their looks are completely separate from who the person really is.  That person you can’t stand being around is inside that pretty exterior, the light that controls the body, much like the skin of an orange.  When you finish eating an orange you throw the skin away.  The reason you do this is because the important part of the orange is the meat inside.  You finish with that and throw the outside away.  When a loved one passes away, the body is still there, but we burry it.  Why? We do this because the part of the person that we really loved is no longer in that pretty body. That person was an energy or light that moved on to another dimension, or place that you don’t yet have full access to. So you are left with their body suite.  Much like we are left with the peel after we finish an orange.  One of my dreams is to get people to understand that judging a person by the color of their skin makes just as much sense as judging a person because they are wearing blue pants.  We Indigos have a big job ahead of us, but it’s a job that with all of our energy put together will not only be completed but enjoyable in the process. When you make this job your life’s work like I have along with many others, your life then becomes enjoyable in the process, and if it’s already enjoyable, then it just gets better.   So let’s all live it up, close our eyes, open our minds and encourage others to do the same.
Stay Indigo!!!


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