Friday, March 4, 2011

No Mistakes

 “Everything happens for a reason.”  We have all heard that 100’s of times. But what does that really mean. I know I never really put too much thought into it and simply took it at face value.  But since I have started going through my awakening process or ascension (which is the spiritual growth of an Indigo) I have learned to process life’s input using more than the 5 senses that most people do.  This is one of the things that Indigos do that separate our actions from others.  I am not saying in any way that we are better, but our higher selves are guiding us in a direction that is off the beaten path.  After all we all know by now that if there is a direction that the majority is taking, most of the time there is a better way. No one ever accomplished extraordinary things by walking the ordinary path, that’s why taking that journey carries such a great reward.  Listening to your higher self is one of those actions that carry a great reward but, most people are afraid to do it.  It may not be a fear that sends them running out the room but may keep them from looking into certain information that they need but for some reason will not take the time to read or explore.  Just like this information here, you didn’t have to take the time to read it, but for some reason you did, and it’s no mistake.  Our higher selves lead us to places and people to receive something that we need or even want that is for the greater good. All it can do is lead us there, once we are there it’s our job to process our environment in a way needed to get from it what we are supposed to.  And getting that information is not always done using sight, sound, touch, smell, or taste.  There are other senses that we have that we can use but we have to learn to use them again. I say again because we did it when we were babies, like when a baby cries when they meet someone seemingly for no reason. Sometimes they sense something we don’t.  Some people call it learning the flow of the universe, but whatever it is called when it is learned it empowers you like you would not believe, and things you used to label coincidence simply become   you learning to communicate with your higher self.  And it’s your higher self that knows what you really want and need and is always working to guide you toward it.  I have discovered this, and it has made life so much more exciting because I see that the sky really is the limit and so far my higher self has not done me wrong. I personally don’t think our higher selves can lead us astray because it is the part of us that is closest to God or the Universe.  So remember, the next time something happens that upsets you, calm down and ask your higher self what it is that you are not seeing that makes you interpret that situation as something bad.  Better yet, just ask what it is that you are supposed to see or learn or experience in every situation and appreciate it, no matter how difficult it is to do.  It will eventually get easier to do, and since we are beings of energy, once we build up enough positive energy it will be much more difficult for something or someone to throw us off center.  I have to thank you all for stopping by to support the Indigo movement.  I can feel the love growing every day.  Maybe one day on an application they won’t ask a person’s race but simply to check Indigo or Non-Indigo, after all that’s all that really matters.  Remember if you haven’t signed up to follow Indigo Swagg Blog please do so, we are on our 500 member push, because when we reach that we can have our own Radio show.  It’s already in the works, we just have to show that we have the numbers and are growing.  I can’t wait to have our own platform to support each other and continue to learn from one another.
Stay Indigo!


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