Friday, March 25, 2011

Raise your Vibration

Raise Your Frequency
Hello Everyone,
My life coach told me this week that we cannot overcome or elevate from a mind set or situation that is not healthy for us, if we stay on the same vibration day after day. Meaning, if you want to get to a different location get on a different bus.  Just like all other things that are comprised of energy, we carry a certain frequency with us all the time.  This frequency is what draws certain things into our lives.  That’s right, so for all those people you think have “Bad Luck”, and it’s really their subconscious that is creating that frequency of so called “Bad Luck”.  The same goes for “Good Luck” or “:Lucky” people, I would say throw away the rabbits foot but if that is what it takes for a person to change their subconscious thinking then live it up.  I just hate the thought of a rabbit on crutches, just to get a person to start thinking on a more positive level.  LOL.  Just kidding about the crutches, we all know rabbits prefer wheel chairs. LOL.  But seriously, we all have the ability to change our universe if we just put the effort into it.  And it’s not really a lot to do, all you are doing ultimately, is calming your mind and body, and improving your quality of life on a daily basis and it feels great, it’s a win/win. Keep this in mind your mind set is what determines your reality, I mean health, finances, spirituality every aspect.  And over 90% of what carries you throughout the day is your subconscious, not your conscious thinking.  So we know what we have to work on to make the change and the cool part is when it’s done, it’s all automatic, you’re now on auto pilot, and become one of those people who everyone says is “Lucky”.  I’ll take it, how about you.
Stay Indigo Everyone!!!

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