Monday, March 14, 2011

Diary of an Indigo

                                                              Diary of an INDIGO

I had a great childhood, and was close to both of my parents.  I loved them both and they were my inspirations as well as my foundation. So naturally when I lost both of them I was lost beyond what I could explain.  My life, up to that point was about making them proud.  I was hell bent on being the best son I could be, and in my mind that meant doing the things I believed they wanted me to do.  Things I heard them talk about and things I knew would make them happy.  Well I lost my mother when I was in college and my father when I first started my first career in the real world. So I was still relatively young, when I lost them, considering I was just entering manhood.  I know I’m not the first person to go through that and won’t be the last, but at the time I could only think of the loss and not the journey.  Remember, we are born with the spirit of an indigo but the brain of a human. Well back to the diary, I don’t regret for a second my feelings for my parents because that wasn’t the issue.  The issue became that when they both died I realized that I went to college with the intention of making my mom happy so when she passed away I realized that I didn’t really think about what I wanted to get out of it I just wanted to go and finish.  Not only that but when I finished I went into a career only because my dad was in it.  He never pressured me to do it but I thought it would be the right thing to do to continue the legacy.  Only to realize eventually that every person on this planet is like a snow flake. (Different)  We all have something different to offer the universe, and it’s almost irresponsible to withhold it from the world.  No matter what it is that you want to do, that is what is what is expected of you.  Earlier I referred to this as a mistake but that was the wrong way to express it.  It was that series of decision making that put me on a path that would ultimately be one of the inspirations for a major turning point in my life. So, a path that I at one point considered to be a mistake, turned out to be an event that would eventually be used as a tool to help countless others in their journey in life.  We take lemons and make lemonade and if we don’t like lemonade we give it to someone who is thirsty. Pain is not a torture; it’s a tool of education. 
“Learn from the past, Peek into the future, and Appreciate the now. “ -Judah-


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