Monday, March 21, 2011

Diary of an Indigo 3/21/11

Diary of an Indogo
(Indigo Energy)
In last week’s diary entry I spoke about my parents death and how it affected me in different ways.  So I think it’s only right to close out that thought with one of the concepts that helped me understand my feelings and how I could process what was happening to me. It’s funny, when you start to awaken as an Indigo and information starts to come your way, to help you learn the flow of the universe, you never know what lesson you’re going to learn any given day.  Some of the things you learn might be something that you learned years earlier.  For example, I learned in science in grade school that energy can’t be created or destroyed.  And on my journey as an Indigo, I learned early that we are light energy.  Our soul (which is the real us) is energy, so it can’t be created or destroyed, just transferred.  So, when I think of the loved ones I have lost I feel better in a way, knowing that I never lost them at all, because they too were energy.  A couple of months ago my 4 year old son said something that will always stick with me.  He saw a picture of my dad and asked who he was,(My father passed away before he was born) when I told him he was my Dad and that he was not with us anymore I was kind of worried about him getting upset.  Maybe he was too young for that truth, but I was wrong, he immediately said “He’s a little boy like me now.”  I wanted to cry (In a good way) because I didn’t know if he was reassuring me or what, because it didn’t sound like a question.  But like I said, you never know where the days lesson will come from, just be open to learn at all times.  It might come from a 4 year old. LOL
Stay Indigo!!!

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