Monday, March 7, 2011

Diary of an Indigo
Hey Indigo Family,
For some reason there is a part of us that wants to suppress the things that happen in our lives and not tell anyone or even think about it in the privacy of our own minds.  I’ve realized now that, that is a very selfish way to live. Not that we mean to be selfish but it is a natural defense mechanism we use to protect our feelings.  I’m not sure if you all had the opportunity to read Fridays posting, but it was about there being no mistakes.  Everything happens for a reason.
            Well since I have come to terms with this I feel it is only fair that I share some of the things I have experienced in life that I once buried deep down inside of me, because I was either ashamed or didn’t want to relive those emotions again. But nothing any of us go through is in vain.  It’s for us to grow and if we can help others by going through something and sharing it with them to help or comfort them in any way why not do it.  We can’t allow unenlightened peoples ignorance to convince us to hide our light. So yes, even when you go through hell, that’s your light shining because you are going through it and not getting stuck in it, or dying in it.  I started a diary some time ago because I needed some way of getting my feelings out and I was too embarrassed to share it with others.  But when I ascended and saw that my story was actually the universes story to learn from I decided to combine the diary with my ascension process.  Because a lot of the time we have trouble associating troubled times with spiritual growth, and I named it Diary of an Indigo.  On Mondays I will share some of these stories with you and hopefully you can get something from it.  Whether it’s an Indigo lesson or a good laugh; that’s right a good laugh, not everything is so serious that it must be picked apart and analyzed. Some things are just funny, so if it makes one person laugh and another realize how fortunate they really are then I’m happy.  So remember Monday- Diary of an Indigo, Wednesday- Mid- Week Mix Usually an Indigo Song, and Friday- usually an aspect of being an Indigo that is little known or just plain entertaining.  We live in an exciting world and once you choose the Indigo path which is really just experiencing life to the fullest everyday becomes an adventure, a life with people of like mind who have stepped outside the box and won’t go back in.  Remember, if you haven’t began following the blog yet please do so, we are pushing to reach 500 members by the middle of the summer.
Stay Indigo!!

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