Monday, March 28, 2011

Mar 28 Diary

Diary of an Indigo
Hey Family,
I can remember a time in my life that I called a lowest point. It was when I was just diagnosed with a cancer that I was told would terminal, my job was forcing me out, my marriage was falling apart, and I had all but lost the urge to live.  I was successfully pushing everyone in my life away and at that time it felt like that was the only success I was having.  It’s not that I was angry at the people in my life because I wasn’t but I didn’t want to hear a bunch of people tell me that it was going to be ok and they had no idea what I was going through. I  Guess I let the frustration of my situation get the best of me.  What I didn’t realize was, yes I was going through a lot, but I was in fact going through it, not staying it.  See, we get frustrated during trying times not necessarily because we are in a tough spot but because sometimes we get to the point where we can’t see ourselves getting out of it. And that is where the frustration comes in. Well as I was going through my “learning experience”, pushing people away, I was blessed enough to have someone come into my life who cared enough not to let me push her away.  I actually fought it, and tried to push her away, but lucky for me, as hard as I pushed, she pushed back.  Until one day I looked up and she was really the only one left. And before I knew it, I wanted to live again there is a difference between being alive and living life.  Before this I wasn’t at the point where I wanted to die, but I certainly didn’t want to live anymore. But now, I was happy the universe  had blessed me with not only what I needed, but what I wanted and it was the biggest blessing I had received my life until that point. I mean, before the troubled times I had a great life, don’t get me wrong, but it seemed I was being given a new lease on life.  The very person I was trying to push out of my life was sent to me to improve it.  It was then, that I realized that no matter how difficult things get, always keep your eyes open for the blessing being sent to you.  Because it’s when we’re down that our vision can get cloudiest, but that is when we need to see the most. So it’s sometimes the blessing that we overlook that can become our greatest nightmares. Keep your eyes open.
Thanks to "GlobalLightWorks's Channel" for the great post on youtube.
Stay Indigo!!!!!!      


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