Friday, July 22, 2011

See You in The 11th Dimension.

    Hey Indigo's,           
            The topic of other dimensions has always been an area of interest to me.  Over the years science has not only accepted that these other dimensions exist but studies have been done to prove it.  That is a long way from the past when people would say that the idea of another dimension was something for a science fiction movie. Through experimentation with substances such as DMT which is a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies, we have even been able to go to these dimensions and make contact with the beings that are there.  How exciting is it that when we sleep our bodies produce this DMT which is comparable to LSD but stronger and that is what allows us to dream, and experience these other dimensions. To some, this might sound crazy but I've been studying it long enough and had enough personal experiences to be convinced. Whether we choose to believe it or not it is happening.  It just opens us up to the possibilities that this universe offers and they are limitless. If that doesn't excite you, please check your pulse. See you guys in the 11th. LOL

Stay Indigo!!!!!!

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