Monday, July 18, 2011

Diary Of An Indigo

Hey Indigo Family,
                           The fact that thoughts are physical has really been a large factor in my life, now more than ever.  Lately there have been several things on my mind that have manifested themselves in a matter of days.  I just recently read an explanation on how these thoughts being physical has affected us.  Put simply anything that is physical has a gravitational pull on it. No matter how big or small. A grain of sand has a gravitational pull on it just as a large rock would.  Well, thoughts are just as physical as those objects and therefore have their own type of gravitational pull.  Just as the Guru said in the video, if thoughts weren’t physical then they could not be measured.  The way it works is, if you have an intense desire to accomplish something then those thoughts being physical in the universe are pulling whatever you desire closer to you, the only thing that is needed is elbow grease (Effort) and a continued thought process that started the pull in the first place. However, we have to be careful, because even those negative thoughts that we sometimes don’t realize we are having pull in a physical manifestation of that negative thought.  So just like we nurture our young and loved ones we must nurture and protect our thoughts as they grow up to become a physical manifestation of what we are focused on the most. So will your thoughts grow up to be dysfunctional or productive and great?

Stay Indigo!!!!!

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