Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Team Indigo

Hey Indigo's,
                  We have been talking about the universe and how we exist or create it in our lives but I want to make sure we keep in mind that our subconscious plays a huge role in it. It is almost everything.  Our subconscious is always in action, and it actually controls us. How many times have you wanted something but when it didn't happen you realize that part of you was fearful for some reason of success. Well, it was that fear in your subconscious that blocked the success. You were saying that you wanted it but something in you for some reason allowed the fear to be stronger than the desire.  That is not unusual though. Most people struggle with that. But the ones who get over it are the ones who not only convince themselves that they are what they want but they convince the Universe and that is when things start to come together and materialize. We as Indigo's not only have the responsibility of doing this to accomplish our purpose in life, but we are to be an example to others who haven't been strong enough on their own to do the same. We are true beacons of light. I personally believe that it is important that we come together and support each other because so much of the world is against us. Maybe not with the intention of destroying us but their actions could do that if we are not careful. Remember, most people are raised to learn what we can't do. But as we awakened, we learned what we can do. So lets do it.

Stay Indigo!!!!


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