Friday, June 3, 2011

Religion VS Spirituality

Happy Friday Indigos,
                   Since the beginning of time people have been looking for something. No one is really 100% sure what, but we know there is something out there worth seeking that is bigger than all of us put together.  Why is it then that there has been this argument between people who are "Religious" and others who are "Spiritual".  Both groups are looking for the same thing, but have chosen different vehicles. Both should also operate based on love.  Most of all, both operate on FAITH. Yes faith, the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. So who cares what vehicle a person has chosen, it's the destination that is important. Whether you take a cab or a Limo to the dance, it doesn't matter once you get there it's about having fun. Or should people who drive Honda's not speak to people who drive Toyota's, sounds silly right, well thats because it is. I don't believe God made any one belief system, man did. Then man simplified them to be easily digested by others. Once that happened another man had to make another one that was even better. Then it became a contest about who was right.  Does this sound familiar, "All others who do not worship like we do will perish in hell. There is only one path to righteousness all others lead down a road to a fiery pit."  I just can't believe that God is an entity that operates in a dimension that we could possibly understand.  The creator created all so it doesn't seem reasonable that there is only one way.  A good person with love in their heart is just that. It doesn't matter if that person is Christian, Jewish Muslim or anything else.  Don't get me wrong I don't see anything wrong with living a life guided by religious law, as long as it is one of Love.  But that being said let others do what is best for them. I once say in a movie a Christian father said "If Allah, can make my son a better man than Jesus can, then so be it." What he was saying was, what mattered was that his son's soul was saved he didn't care who did it.  By the way Allah and God mean the same thing in different languages, so what is the fighting about now.  I would think that if the Creator wants us to Love each other and live a certain way that he/she would let us follow what ever story we had to to get where we needed to be.  I personally believe that the jealous God theory comes when man allows ego to rear its ugly head. But I still respect and understand that belief.  We could all learn from each other, and when you decide to start doing that, a whole new world opens up to you.

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