Friday, June 17, 2011

Extra DNA Strands

Happy Friday Indigo's,

                      One of the most amazing aspects of being an Indigo is the fact that we are said to have extra DNA.(That just sounds cool, doesn't it?) It is said that, it is this "Extra DNA" that makes us that much more special.  This is what gives us  the incredible power to do things like heal ourselves or have such a powerful intuition that it seems like we may be able to read minds. Among other unbelievable things that we hear happen but we write them off as lies or freak accidents. When in fact we all have the ability to convert this "Junk DNA" or non-coded DNA to be used as what ever we decide to use it as to improve or repair our bodily structure.  Some people say, that it is how we have been able to evolve, and keep us from going extinct.   It is true that, if this DNA is not used then yes it is junk.  But as you may have read in some of our older posts, it has been proven that the mind can change aspects of our make up through meditation and mind set. So why then do some scientist call this "extra" DNA junk?  Well, your guess is as good as mine, but I can tell you one thing, and that is "I don'y believe The Creator makes junk and If gnats have a purpose then I would like to think the the substance that we are made up of has purpose also". This "Junk" or non coded DNA is just dormant until we activate them.  Hence the awakening process.  The only tricky part is, if your not careful these non coded strands can work against you if you remain in a poor mindset through sickness or a poor physical existence that may seem to some to be bad luck or a curse.  As Indigo's we have been blessed with the knowledge to convert these strands to live incredible lives that inspire others and release positive energy everywhere we go through our happiness. But remember "With much power, comes much responsibility".

Stay Indigo!!!


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