Friday, June 24, 2011

Experience the now

Hey Indigo Family,
                           I had a very good friend tell me something the other day, that while I've heard before and even might have even said myself  it struck me on a deeper level than ever before.  During a conversation he told me to experience every part of my life to the fullest.  Not taking any of it for granted.  When your  just standing in line at the store, experience standing there and appreciate it for the moment it is.  Every moment in our lives has such profound meaning and it is important to learn to be in the moment, and allow it to speak to you, as the universe often does, to guide us in the direction we are to go.  It was a reminder to me that life is so simple.  The difficulty comes in when we over analyze it.  Even us Indigo's do this sometimes, while trying to simplify life we come up with a complex plan or theory that confuses everyone,  including ourselves. LOL But like I said, I have heard this plenty of times before as I'm sure many of you have, but for some reason it hit me in a different way when said that way. I love the idea of letting every moment speak to you, because when you master that every move you make becomes automatic and the repercussions of those actions are easy to accept because you know you did the right thing. Remember doing the "right thing" doesn't always mean that the result is going to be a bed of roses. Often times doing the right thing means doing what others don't want to do including yourself but you just have the discipline to do it unlike most people. If you do this you will find yourself saying "I had a feeling that was going to happen" less often because you will  have learned the flow of the universe and acted accordingly.

Stay Indigo!!!!


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