Monday, June 20, 2011

Diary of an Indigo

Hey Indigo's,
            As you all can tell Indigo Swagg is not only my passion but has become  my life's work.  Not too long ago I was forced into a situation where I could no longer do what I was doing to earn a living. Of course at first it was kind of scary not knowing what I was to do from that point on but, as always the creator put me in the right place at the right time.  I heard someone talking about how people would come up to him and ask how they could find out what their purpose in life was.  In other words how is it that some people know what they are supposed to be doing in life.  Right away, I expected to hear this drawn out explanation as an answer but he offered the most simple yet effective advise possible.  "Whatever you are passionate about, is your purpose in life. Whether you love it or hate it, that's what you are supposed to be doing.  If it bothers you to no end, how poor the elderly are treated in senior living facilities then get involved. Start your own, or start an organization who's goal is to monitor and/or correct these situations.  If you love clothes then go into fashion.  I don't mean to make it sound so simple, but it is after you give it some thought.  If you do this, the question is not what to do but how you want to do it.(Which is a much easier problem to solve) Can you imagine how pleasant life would be for everyone if people would just do what they love. No more going into a store and the employees being upset with you for interrupting their unauthorized gossip sessions. LOL  It's so much easier to work hard at something you love.  My passion happened to be letting people know that we all have a powerful light within us, that not only we deserve to benefit from, but the world deserves to experience. After awakening, and finding out how the universe really works, it has become my pleasure to help people steer away from the pitfalls of mediocrity.  We are born into a world that from day one tells us what we can not do and if that is not a mental prison I don't know what is.  But I'm here to say that once you get out of that box the universe opens up to you, and things that used to be obstacles become mere entertainment. I'm here to tell you what you CAN do  This is what Indigo Swagg is about "A lifestyle that keeps us from being imprisoned by our five senses, and the ability and dedication to ascend to a higher vibration." Both, to inspire others as well as making ourselves better everyday. 

Stay Indigo!!!!


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  1. OFTEN we find ourselves confronted by the problem of how to begin. We are not sure what we want to do; we see no way to begin anything; see nothing to begin on; when we find ourselves in this position, humanly speaking, not knowing where to turn, then of all times we must be quiet and listen; then of all times we must trust that the same power that started all things will also start us in the right road, for without some superior power we shall surely fail.