Monday, June 6, 2011

Diary of an Indigo

Hey Indigos,
                  As some of you already know and others of you are learning Monday's are dedicated to Diary of an Indigo which are the days that personal experiences are brought to light and I try to explain what I learned or got from them.  This Monday however for some reason I had tons of things to write about but none of them seemed to sit right with me because they felt out of place or untimely.  Then out of the blue, (Blue/Indigo get it?) I was made aware of two people on Facebook who seemed to be hitting a rough spot. Not only that, but both people happened to be very positive entities.  The ones who most people tend to rely on for reenforcement through out the week.  Instantly I felt bad because all this time I forgot that they are people too.  I mean, I knew they were people but they live with the same troubles the rest of us do, the difference is that they have exercised their ability to change the energy around them so they aren't effected as much as most people.  One of these people is a member of Indigo Nation, something that I hold near and dear to my heart because it does good for so many.  Indigo Nation is a place of refuge.  Somewhere a person can go to have their spirit filled with light and put their troubles on the table for others to help sort out.  So I have to bring to light something I have noticed over the past months as my awakening process has become more intense.  Just because we as Indigos have decided to live on a higher vibration, does not exclude us from the troubles of others that have decided to remain on the lower vibrations.  Although I wish it were the case, that just doesn't happen. In fact I tend to believe that since energy can't be destroyed that some of the negative energy that overflows in the universe will come our way at times because we are the ones who can handle it.  And the stronger you are the more negative energy you will be responsible for converting into something that the rest of the world can't handle.  Now that might not make a person feel better during the time of trouble but I believe it to be true and have to remember to thank all of those powerful Indigos for the great job you do at.......well we will call it energy conversion. As you go through what it is that is challenging you remember that you have been chosen to take this on by the universe because you know what to do with it.  So get it done and then use that experience to help others who would have been destroyed by what you handled. Please lets all meditate/pray that we all stay strong for each other and the world, after all we are the protectors in a way and we have to stay strong for each other as we are the spiritual warriors who fight the fight.  Thank you all.

Stay Indigo!!!!!


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