Friday, April 15, 2011

Use Your Chakras

Hey All,(Sorry so late)

I've spoken in the past about how people are energy.  But my reason for speaking about tu then was to pose the question, that if we are energy and energy can't be destroyed or created then, what happens during birth and death. According to the hardcore facts, the energy is transfered.  Where, well thats a whole other blog all together. But the topic I would like people to ponder on today is, since we are energy and we have Chakra points which are concentrated points of energy within us, how many of us really try to harness that power or energy for the greater good.  There is so much more we can all accomplish and the way to do it is to tap into these areas Chakras and use them.  There is nothing that we imagine that we can not do. I know we have all heard that tons of times but I have to keep saying it until the last person who needs to understand it finally does.  Yes we've heard it but have we absorbed it?  That is different, it wasn't until I absorbed it that I began to do things in my life as well as others around me that I never would have imagined even attempting before my awakening. This is why I am so passionate about this subject, because it hurts to see others hurt when they have to power given to them by the Creator to stop the pain or better yet avoid it.  And when others awaken I hope they take it upon them selves to help others awaken and realize all that they are capable of.  Lets all learn together, grow together and love together(Well you know what I mean) No one is going to save humanity but us because we are outside the box enough, to dream it and powerful enough to do it.

Stay Indigo!!!


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