Friday, April 22, 2011

Thoughts are Physical

Hey Indigos,
                  For a long time I never realized that our thoughts were physical in our universe.  In fact if I was told this 10 years ago I would have laughed at it. After all ignorance is not just bliss it can be funny also. LOL  But finally, I opened up enough to accept the fact that if I choose to act on something that the action had to come from somewhere.Our conscious actions as well as our subconscious actions come from the same place, our thoughts. Everything that is physical is not able to be felt by the main 5 senses.  Thats where spirituality comes into play. People take spirituality to be  a religious term. But it's not exactly that way.  Spirituality is a deeper form of feeling or living going beyond the 5 senses that most people are enslaved by.  I say enslaved because if you limit yourself to those 5 senses only, then you are missing out on a large part of life that is meant for everyone but is only being experienced by some.  So these emotions, thoughts, or 6th senses as people like to call them are very much part of our physical world and even govern how we act and react to lifes stimulants. So the next time it seems like you are having a "bad week" you can look to change your actions all you want but if you really want to change things up, you have to change your thinking first.

Stay Indigo!!!!


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