Friday, April 1, 2011

Pineal gland ( Our Third Eye)

Hey Indigo Family,
                            Did you guys know that we all have a gland in our bodies that is called the pineal gland that secretes a substance (DMT) that is many times more potent than any hallucinogenic drug known to man. Thats right acid,  lsd you name it.  Right in our bodies.  Now, it has been said for years that the reason many people even experiment with these drugs is to escape their current reality/dimension. Well if you put these two facts together, then you get the impression that we already have the ability to do this with out any help.  I'm not sure about you but when I first heard this I was not only confused but a little angry.  If we posses a gland in us that is this powerful how am I just hearing abou this. Some one doesn't want this information getting out but why. I mean if we have been empowered with something this powerful shouldn't we all know it.  Shouldn't we have  a better understanding of ourselves in and out so we all know what we are capable of.  I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that could use this information, to raise their own confidence as well as others. This pineal gland is considered the third eye because it acts as another sense that most of us didn't even realize we had. So do we have 5senses 6 or what?  How effective could drug rehab be for some if they could be taught about this unique ability? And another question, since this gland really exists, who has been using it, and for what? I know I still have a lot of questions, and I'm sure many of you do too.  But for now, learn all you can about this gland and yourself. We obviously have something that we posses that is worth others trying to hide. Lets find out why.

Stay Indigo!!!        "We are who we've been waiting for."          


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  1. I want to make sure that I thank all of you for supporting this blog! I hope that the information helps you as much as it as helped me. Enjoy and Thank you.