Monday, April 4, 2011

Diary of an Indigo

Diary of an Indigo
Since I’ve been in the business world I’ve heard countless times that it’s a dog eat dog world.  And I almost got caught up in that mind set.  It’s fast paced and if you don’t thrive in that world you won’t eat. It’s as simple as that.  I learned that the hard way. I’ve been involved in business transactions that have taken years from my life with me spending my time and money faithfully and in return receiving nothing. But there was a life lesson learned that was priceless.  Granted you can’t pay the bills with a life lesson but at the end of the day, my business is in a much better place and things are moving swiftly in the right direction. We are in a better position now than we ever thought we would be.  It turns out that people were watching the whole time and loved the way we handled the situation.  See, we could have come out of those business deals saying that we were going to take back from the universe what those people took from us but we didn’t.  We (my wife and business partner) decided that we were going to prove the nay sayers wrong and continue to do business the right way and try to attract like minded people. Well one year later we have a network of businesses that all work together and we have created a professional and safe business environment, one with dogs who don’t like to eat dogs. Lol And we all love it.  That goes to show you if you build it they will come.  We do have the ability to create our own reality. And sometimes we have those people who try to destroy us, to thank for it. So……lets all just thank them and keep moving.
Stay Indigo!!!

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