Monday, April 11, 2011

Diary of an Indigo

Do You
Hey Indigo Family,
It’s funny how you can hear something said for so many years and one day it will just click.  For so lond I have heard how important it is to always be yourself, Like Russell Simmons says “Do You”, and until now I thought that I had a firm grasp on what that meant but I see now that there was so much more to it. It’s a simple idea with a complex and diverse application.  For example, we are in the day and age of reality Tv, like it or not. I think it’s here to stay.  Don’t get me wrong I think it’s pretty cool but, I never thought it would take over the way it did.  Even though reality TV isn’t total reality, we do have many stars being born from this concept.  We get to see the inner workings of some peoples’ lives and it has worked wonders for some.  People are now more than ever are getting rich and living out their dreams just by doing what they really want to do.  Some of it is impressive and some of it not, but either way these people are doing what they really want to do and are living an extravagant life as a result.  Take for instance Kim Kardashian, I hear so many people complain about her saying that she has no real talents and they don’t know why she is famous and so hot right now.  At the end of the day she is famous for being her.  She is living her life without the shackles of fear and she doesn’t let others put her in a box.  We all have the potential to do this so we can’t get angry if someone else does it, and works it.  You no longer have to be able to sing like Michael Jackson or pitch a 100 MPH fastball to be in the spotlight, that’s a blessing.  Now we can just do what our heart desires and we have a chance to live the same fabulous life.  Unfortunately, for some people doing what they really want to do, is difficult enough. No matter what problems we have this is still a great world that rewards us for doing something as simple as “Doing us.” You have already been given what you need for success, so use it.  No one can be a better you, that you.  And remember, words like Freak, Weirdo, and outcast are just code words for what the person really wants to say, which is “I wish I had the courage to be myself 100%.”   
Stay Indigo!!!


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