Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't waste DNA

Extra DNA ?
                      I have to be honest, since I have started this spiritual journey; I have learned some things that have changed my way of thinking forever.  Some information is so powerful that after you learn it you decide to either use it, or forget about it. Well, one of those things for me was the fact that we all have extra DNA strands that science has decided to label “Junk DNA”.  That doesn’t even make any sense to me, and for good reason.  There is no “Junk” DNA, 1st because we are made up of DNA, and 2nd because I doubt God/The Creator would include anything in us that is “Junk”.  We might be able to live without some things, but of course that would affect our quality of life.  And how many times have you heard people say “To live doesn’t mean that you are alive.”  This “Extra” DNA is said to be the makeup of our spiritual self.(which we have the ability to unlock)  We all know that a person can live without tapping into that spiritual part of us but what kind of life are you living compared to if you did tap into that part of you.  In other words, how deeply are you living life. Are you a human being or a human doing?  Do you meet people, or experience people?  I don’t know about you but, life has many layers and I want to experience all of them.  Have you ever looked at someone and thought how is it that they always seem to be having a great time no matter what they do?  That person has returned to innocence.  Remember when you were a kid and something as simple as running around and catching lightening bugs entertained us for hours.  That was living, we enjoyed what nature gave us and appreciated it.  It was that innocence that allowed us live life to the fullest.  Today some of us have to have the latest Ipod or any gadget to feel happy, and don’t get me wrong because I love gadgets.  But I make sure I put them in their place.  If the lights go out my wife and I will have fun with our kids as if we were kids our selves. I remember when we were in a very tough financial situation and our lights, water, and gas got turned off, and instead of crying and focusing on the negative, we lit the fireplace “camped in” with our kids in front of the fire and had a ball.  Now of course we got it all situated as soon as possible but two things came out of it, the kids had a great time and I finished my first book by using the light of a fireplace.  I don’t know which was better, the story of how the book was written or the book itself.  My point in all of this is we all have great power within us and there is no obstacle to be presented that we don’t already have the answer to but it takes us to unlock our hidden DNA to harness these powers.  And please believe me, mastering your destiny is only the beginning.
I love you all.  Stay INDIGO!!!!!   

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