Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Bodies produce an Illegal Substance

Hey Indigo Family,
               The more I think about the fact that we posses a powerful substance in our bodies called DMT and some of us don't even know it, the more I realize how much of a responsibility it is.  Not only because of the simple fact that we posses it but because being who we are and awakening I feel like we have a responsibility to at least tell others the power they have and at least give them the opportunity to awaken and realize all that is going on with us and this universe.  Maybe it's just me but having a substance in my body that is more powerful than any hallucinogenic drug on the planet is information that I would think we should should have been taught about in grade school.  This isn't something that you score on the street corner, it is produced by our pineal gland in our own bodies.  Why?  Why does it come up as a misspelled word when I write pineal gland?  Heart and Lung are in the system why not this powerful gland that can do such out of this world things. As an Indigo free will is very important and while I would never try to tell someone what to do with certain information, I do promote at least, learning about these things.  In this video Joe Rogan speaks about his experience with this illegal substance that our bodies produce every night but if you look online you will find more and more information on it.

Stay Indigo!!!!!!!!


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