Monday, April 25, 2011

Diary of an Indigo

Hey Indigo Family,
                 I can remember feeling like there was something in my life that was missing but not knowing what it was.  It was that feeling that helped drive me to the point that I had to find out what I was doing or not doing that was keeping me in a bad place. I was angry but didn't know why. I knew I had talents but I wasn't sharing them with the world..Which by the way not only cheated me in life but others that would have been blessed from it.  Its not just me but all of us have something to offer to the universe, and if we don't look deep within our selves to see what it is we will never get to that point of true happiness. (which ultimately we all want.)  All of our personal desires are different so we can't look at one person and try to define our deep personal needs because chances are they are different.  I think that is one of the issues that we face in the world today, because people who are different tend to be outcast, and labeled crazy.  But so much of the time these "crazy" people are the ones who make the largest impact in life.  Personally I think using others to define your self is kind of crazy. If you were meant to be them you would be and vise versa.  Meditation has been helping me in a big way to learn about myself, because you need to be alone to get to know your self.  Just try it, it's actually a simple process that we make difficult.  I was intimidated at first I will admit, but when you just put in the effort you will get something out of it right away.  For example I realized right away that I sucked at it. LOL.  But then I thought about why I was bad at it, and realized that it was because I was having trouble quieting myself.  That forced me to figure out what I had to think about so much that I couldn't stop at first for 5 minutes to clear my head.  From that point on I had something to work with. It was a funny start but it was a start. There are no rules to this just have fun with it.

Stay Indigo!!!!!!
I’m Mad

I’m Mad that I let fear into my life
I was once bullet proof, now insecurities cut deep like a knife

I’m mad that others opinions even matter to me.
Why should I care, they see what they want to see

I’m mad that others hold the mirror to reflect my image
Because the angles they choose to view me, has made me timid

I’m mad that I even get mad at this shit.
I shouldn’t worry myself, not even a little bit.

But I’m really mad that I know better and think about it anyway.
And not just once in a while, I mean every day.

All this time I’ve been mad at the world, but only cuz I didn’t see
That the person I was mad at…………………………………..WAS ME!

No one can steal your Joy.  You can only give it AWAY


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