Friday, May 27, 2011

Who or What Controls us?

Hey Indigos,
                   Today I wanted to speak on the topic of "Keeping it real " or "Keeping it true" or "Being true to your self" , well  you know what I  I have always heard people talk about being true to them selves but it didn't occur to me that most people probably don't even know what it means to stay true to themselves until my awakening process began.  Think of it this way, people in general only use about 5-10 % of their conscious mind to engage in daily activity. The other 90-95% is controlled by the sub-conscious.  This means that before you even wake up in the morning 90-95 % of what your going to do during the day and how your going to react to certain things are programed into your subconscious before you even do it.  Our minds are like tape recorders in a way, that just absorb information constantly and program our minds without us even thinking about it.  All of those actions and responses that come second nature to you, do so because everything you see and hear is involved in this process from the time you are born.  Now, that being said,when you are keeping it true who are you keeping it true too.  After all 95% of what you are programmed with comes from areas of your life that you didn't necessarily hand pick.  If you don't believe me that your mind is like a big tape recorder, think about the las time you thought you didn't hear what someone said to you.  You ask them what they said and before they can answer you, you replay it in your head and answer for them. You though you didn't hear them but your mind picked them up loud and clear.  Just like that example, you learn things about yourself from outside stimuli without even realizing it.  So who really defines you.  If you didn't have anything else to compare to,what would you think about yourself.  Who defines what is good or bad?  And again "Who are you keeping it real with or to."  We all have to take some time to separate ourselves from ourselves, and everyone else, to see what we are really like, who we really are. As apposed to who we are told we are.  Most people will never do this, but thats why we are Indigos, we do what others won't, so we can figure out the things they can't.  That doesn't make us better, but it does make us who we are, and thats light givers.

Stay Indigo!!!


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