Friday, May 20, 2011

Life is an illusion Consciousness is real

Hey Everyone,

                  Since I've come to the realization that there is one consciousness, life has changed for me in ways that I can't even   explain.  The idea of one love and one consciousness is a concept that is awesome in its self.  We are all here on earth together and everything we do, effects others as well as ourselves.  Now take into consideration that we in a sense create our own reality. All of our thoughts are part of the reality that we are creating for ourselves and therefore, becomes a part of everyone else's reality.  We might decide to remove ourselves from other peoples lives for one reason or another but we could never remove ourselves from another persons universe.  Now that might sound extreme but what I'm saying is, no matter what, we are all here together weaving our own respective realities that tie into others realities.  So where does one start and another end?  If you put a drop of water in the ocean where does that drop begin and the ocean end?  It doesn't, they are now one, just like people in this world.  Some drops may make a larger ripple effect but at the end of the day all of the drops become part of the same whole.  If you keep this in mind as you go through out your days it will not only remind you of what is important,(The Greater Good) but will keep you grounded and humble.  And since Ego seems to be where most of the worlds troubles stem from, thats plenty to be said.  I mean if people could get their Ego under control we would all experience a much deeper and more meaningful life.  Remember we are all energy and like it or not we are effected by each others energy, so lets take control of what we can, and allow love to take over, because if you can only have one consciousness love would be the one to choose.

Stay Indigo!!!       


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