Monday, May 23, 2011

Diary Of an Indigo

Hey Indigos,
                  I was talking to a good friend of mine whose opinion I respect very much. He confided in me that he had an opportunity that was basically a dream come true.  Sounds great right? The only issue was that this new opportunity for some reason had him a little nervous.  So much that he didn't know if he was going to take it.  Now to him it really isin't a big deal because in the eyes of most people he is already successful and doesn't necessarily need the opportunity but it would have been nice.  The cool part was that he actually said I helped him out in the conversation and he has no idea that he is the one who helped me.  I happened to be goind through the same type of situation but I didn't talk to anyone about it because it was one of those situations where you feel like you are the only one.  For me to see that even someone with his level of success goes through the same thing taught me that it's not fearlessness that should be rewarded it is the ability to work through the fear that should.  On the other hand I learned that everything we do effects the universe.  I say that this because a situation that meant so little to him was a major break through for me, and a simple honest opinion from me helped him work through something that he might not have given much thought to.  I guess thats where the butterfly effect comes from.  So this is why I say always keep the big picture in mind the greater good should always be worked into every decision that we make.  Because if we do that, then we avoid situations of subconscious selfishness. When I say that I mean we are all one consciousness and knowing that, you have to keep in mind that every situation and feeling you have if not just yours but a small part of a whole that is called "The Universe". So don't take anything for granted and allow yourself to play your role without getting in your own way.  It will do wonders for you and everyone else.  By the way he is going to take the opportunity.

Stay Indigo!!!


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