Friday, May 13, 2011

Quidditch VS Life

Hey Indigos,
I’m not sure how many of you have seen the movie Harry Potter, but in that movie they play a game called Quidditch.  I’ve posted a clip of the game in case you have never seen it.  But it has come to me that Quidditch is a game that directly mirrors life whether we know it or not.  Let me explain, in this game as in life there are different teams and these teams in life will represent different people.  The different teams are trying to accomplish a specific goal, just like in life.  As this is happening, there is a ball of energy that tries to stop both sides from completing their respective goals.  Now there might not be a ball of energy flying around your head knocking you to the ground throughout the day, but everything in our lives deals with energy, and it either works with you or against you.  The cool part of it is that, in our lives we have control of the energy around us. If it’s negative we can change it to positive, but at the same time if it’s negative and we don’t change it, it will remain negative and work against us. In the game of Quidditch  the ball of energy is always against both teams so they have to use the ball of energy’s evil intensions against the other team. Which is really cool for a game but life really is much more simple (thankfully), all we have to do is become positive light beings like we are pre-disposed to be and the rest will take care of itself. Isn’t it funny that you can learn from every single experience that the universe has to offer? All of you have a great day, because anything else is pointless.
Stay Indigo!!!!!  

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