Monday, May 16, 2011

Diary of an Indigo

I was thinking recently about Indigos and how many different types there are as well as how many people are Indigos and don't even realize it. There is a technical term for Indigos and there is also a more broad description of them that most people can identify with. The technical description, I have realized through my life experiences fit me like a glove but it didn't really resonate with me until I got to a certain point in my awakening process. This wasn't some magical ceremony that changed my life around in a matter of minutes but a lengthy process that over time enabled me to live life in a more meaningful way and realize that the only thing that really exist is the moment you are in. The past is over and the future is not here yet.  I guess you could say that as life went on I learned to live deeper.  Living should be something that comes as naturally as breathing but that just isn't the case.  Most people by the time they are young kids have their values ingrained in them by mass media and friends and even their parents. 'To do this is cool", "to have that is cool" and so on.  It's almost like we are being led by people who have all the money and toys a person can get and they label that happy, knowing that they are not.  Meanwhile there are many people who might have 1/4 of what those others have acquired and because they have a great sense of self and love they are in absolute bliss.I guess what I am saying is that in life if your not careful you can find yourself living someone else's description of a happy life and not even know what makes you happy.  Well part of being an Indigo is knowing yourself and not caring what others label you or what they think of you.  It seems that the road less traveled is usually the one you should take.  Because simply put, most people are scared of sticking out. Even in a society that supposedly praises variety and individuality we don't want to get too far outside the box.  But thats where true freedom is, and unless you take a chance at being true to yourself you are robbing yourself of your true destiny and robbing the world of your gift to it.

Stay Indigo!!!!  


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